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 R.I.P. (1996-1998)

 Hello everyone. Sorry I hadn't updated this page since like December so I decided I should update it to let everyone know what's going on with the Broadways and their new bands. Well I hear that the Broadways are releasing a cd of some new songs that they recorded awhile ago that was originally supposed to be released as a split cd with Baxter. The cd is also supposed to include the 4 songs that are on the "We all know that you can do it" 7". If you haven't heard by now all of the members of the Broadways are in new bands that are now playing shows. Brendan and Chris formed a band called the Lawrence Arms with Neil from Baxter. They currently have no merchandise for sale. Dan and Rob formed a band called the Honor System and they have a 3 song demo tape available at their shows. I have also heard rumors that both the Lawrence Arms and the Honor System are touring this summer. You should probably check the Slapstick message board for the latest information on these bands.





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